Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"#1 Ghost Diamond" by Michael Broad

Amelia Kidd fancies herself a secret agent. As such, Agent Amelia is always inventing new things to help her solve suspicious cases. She is always on the look out for things that are odd and out of the ordinary, as well as people who are acting funny. In this book, Amelia solves three cases: "The Case of the Ghost Diamond," "The Case of the Catnappers," and "The Case of the Whispering Weeds." Amelia's disguises and gadgets enable her to figure out who might want to steal the ghost diamond, who is stealing all the neighborhood cats and why, and the why and how of someone wanting weeds to take over the land. The pictures included in my "uncorrected proof" were a great addition to the story, and I hope they will be in the final edition.

This book is designed to hit the imagination and detective skills of children from the age of about seven to ten or eleven. It will make a great book for either parents to read to their children, or for children to practice their reading skills. It will also help children use their imagination as they put themselves in Amelia's shoes to solve the case before she does. This book will make a great gift for the children in your life when it comes out later this year. Thank you to Net Galley for my copy!

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