Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Deeper into the Word: Reflections on 100 Words from the New Testament" by Keri Wyatt Kent

Studying the Bible is meant to instruct us, to uplift us, to bring us closer to God, and to make us want more. Word studies is just one of the wonderful ways we can study the Bible, a way to find a fuller, richer meaning to Scripture passages. "Deeper Into the Word" gives us information on 100 words from the New Testament. Words such as: rest, hungry, care, pray, remain, and chosen are given special treatment by Keri Kent as she gives us Scripture references, Greek meanings, and cross-references as needed; even treating us to thoughts from other people and commentaries. Each word study gives enough to enlighten the reader and encourage him/her to delve deeper. Each word study is relatively short, very easy to read and understand, and well worth sharing with others.

I have enjoyed reading this book and learning more about these special New Testament words. It has spurred me to get back into word studies for my personal devotions. This book is great for personal or group Bible study, and will make a wonderful gift for Bible lovers. Many thanks to Bethany House for the opportunity to read and review this wonderful book.

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