Monday, October 11, 2010

"Deeply, Desperately" by Heather Webber

A missing woman, a lost love, and complicated romances are just part of "Deeply, Desperately" by Heather Webber. Lucy Valentine is working hard to start her own portion of the family match-making business. She is also working hard at keeping Sean (the man she loves) at a safe distance due to the family "curse." But, will that last? She is also getting threatening letters from someone. While the police are investigating, she still worries. Who is behind the letters and do they mean her harm? Come join Lucy as she works to find lost items and people in this latest "Lucy Valentine" novel.

I enjoyed reading this book as much as the first installment, "Truly, Madly." It is a fun, sometimes comical read with lots of real detective work thrown in. So, if you like to mix up your reading, why not add this latest novel by Heather Webber. You just might find yourself smiling and laughing as much as me.

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