Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Plan B" by Pete Wilson

"He (God) knows what you're going through. He's right beside you, sharing your pain, even though he may not take it away." pg. 96

What do you do when your plan for something falls through? "Plan B" offers encouragement and strength through Scripture passages, personal stories, and wise applications that you can keep going. Pete Wilson masterfully shows how God stays with us though all the storms in our lives, never leaving even though we may think otherwise. Can you still praise Him when things go very wrong? Yes. Jan's story, as well as that of Jeff and Vicki, will encourage you. Is having to go to "Plan B" a bad thing? This book will help you  explore that question and answer it for yourself.

I enjoyed reading "Plan B" for many reasons. It is uplifting and yet doesn't downplay the way we feel when life takes a wrong turn. It was nice to read about over-comers! There were times I thought Mr. Wilson's use of today's lingo was too heavy, but it didn't ruin my enjoyment of this book. I recommend it not only to other individuals, but to groups as well. The topics explored lend themselves to discussion.

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