Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Rediscovering God in America" - Newt Gingrich

Can you take a walking tour of Washington without leaving home? Yes. This 118 page book gives the historical background and significance of some of our nation's greatest landmarks. The list includes: The National Archives, The FDR Memorial, The Capital Building, and The White House. Newt Gingrich brings each monument/building to life with his words, while his wife, Callista Gingrich, uses her camera. Together, they enable the reader to experience the rich godly heritage of our country. While this book is short, it is packed with a wealth of information that makes it a great conversation starter and gift. How long did it take to build some of these structures? Were there set-backs in any of these constructions? Where will you find Scripture posted in Washington? It is amazing to read these pages and discover the answers to these questions.

I enjoyed reading this book and will give it to others. It felt like I had a personal guide to Washington D.C.; someone very knowledgeable, someone who believes what he writes. The pictures put me back in D.C. to really notice some of the things I didn't catch before. While I would have liked more pictures, the ones presented are wonderfully done. This is a great book for anyone, particularly those who love learning about the founding of our country.