Friday, August 7, 2009

Rick & Bubba's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage

Is there a perfect marriage out there? No, but lots of "almost nearly perfect ones." Take two people who love each other, sprinkle in some laughter and a love for God, and you are on your way! Rick and Bill take a comical, sometimes stereotypical, look at the problems and situations married couples encounter. Does the wife have to do all the housework? Is the husband the only one who loves the outdoors? These are just two things you can read about in this book. The accompanying CD is priceless.

I enjoyed reading this book and laughed through a lot of the scenarios. While some of the humor works best in person (hence the enclosed CD), you get the gist here. I did think a lot of the comments were stereotypical, but also think it was probably done to hone in on the fact that too many people fall into those traps. No one fits all of this, no one wants to. This book takes some of the seriousness out of marriage, replacing it with humor and common sense. So, come on, take a fresh look at the situations that plague you, find the humor, and move on with your spouse!


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