Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nora Roberts' "Circle Trilogy"

I had a hard time putting these books down. "Morrigan's Cross," "Dance of the Gods," and "Valley of Silence" carried me into a world with vampires, a shape-shifter, a witch and wizard, and other interesting characters. From New York to Ireland, I found myself engrossed in the classic good vs. evil story with some love stories thrown in. Ms. Roberts writes trilogies very well!


  1. I've never read a Nora Roberts novel. For some reason I thought she was a romance writer but, if she is writing about vampires, etc., I will have to take a look. I have read all of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice and need some new vampire books - just not Twilight - too young for me.

  2. Nora Roberts does write romance novels, but I have found her trilogies have mystical themes, with a love story thrown in of course. If you do a search for her trilogies, you will find they deal with vampires, witches, etc. They are quick reads and a break from the heavy stuff.

  3. i absolutely love this trilogy!! i recommend the sign of seven trilogy if you liked this one.