Wednesday, July 4, 2018

"If He Had Not Come" by David Nicholson

What if Jesus had not come to Earth? What if He had never been born? In this book by David Nicholson, youngsters, and adults, get to explore that question through the story. 

Jesus has made an incredible impact on this world. What would it be like without that impact, without His influence? This story has been around for many years and is a favorite of many as it lets people of all ages really reflect on what things would be like without Him. The opportunity for discussion occurs throughout the book, and there are discussion questions at the back to help facilitate the family/church group discussion. It will become a Christmas tradition for you if it hasn't already.

This is a great book and story for the family as well as Sunday School groups. Just thinking about what things would be like without Jesus can help unbelievers believe. It can help families grow closer around the Bible. I recommend this book to all. Thank you to the BookLookBlogger program for my review copy. The words and review are mine.

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